Cool minimal watch faces, less is more neat. Watchfaces for Fitbit and Wear OS


1) What Fitbit smart watches are supported?

2) How can I buy a clock face?

Read the how-to purchase section.

3) Weather provider and update frequency?

Provider is OpenWeatherMap, and the information is updated about every 30 minutes.

4) How can I change clock face settings?

To change 12/24 hours, temperature unit (Celsius/Fahrenheit), color settings, and so on, check out this video.

Although in my latest clock faces, color settings are changed from the watch, check out this video showing how it works.


A) Clock face already purchased.

You only pay once, click on the following link to unlock it for free.

B) Clock face settings doesn't work.

When your settings are ignored means a communication issue or sync pending. Open Fitbit App and check if your watch can complete a sync. After a successful sync, try to change the clockface settings.

C) Weather information is not shown.

Check all these:

  1. Open Fitbit App and wait for a complete sync.
  2. Location is enabled on phone.
  3. Clock face permissions are enabled on Fitbit app.
  4. Location permission for Fitbit app is enabled and set as Always on/Allow all the time iPhone or Android, Android (old).
  5. All of the above is correct or corrected, and still no weather info, open Fitbit Today app on the watch and close it, will force a clock face reload.


Install latest Fitbit app on your phone and latest firmware available on your watch.