Cool, minimal, weather-themed, analog and cute clockfaces for Fitbit



I started working on clock faces at the end of 2014 for fun, dedicating 18 months to the design and development of 22 free watch faces for Pebble. After that, at the end of 2016 I started dP-watchfaces project, releasing 15 premium watch faces in about 1 year until the unfortunate bankrupt of Pebble.

And now, on February 2019, after a year of break due to big changes in my life, I start dP-faces project, to develop premium clock faces for Fitbit smartwatches.



My name is Noel, I was born in a portion of the solar system that someone called Spain. Love music, enjoy PC gaming, play with technology, and enthusiast to create.

dPunisher is my nickname, or rather, my personal brand on Internet, for over 15 years, and 1337 my last name. One of my mottos is, creativity as a lifestyle. See you in the wrist.

dPunisher 1337